Tennis Court Resurfacing in Archenfield

Tennis Court Resurfacing in Archenfield

We are experts when it comes to tennis court resurfacing. We can install porous asphalt in a range of different colours to suit your needs.

Sports Court Resurface in Archenfield

Sports Court Resurface in Archenfield

After some years, you are likely to need a sports court resurface. If you would like high quality at great prices, please complete the enquiry form provided.

Painting Tennis Courts  in Archenfield

Painting Tennis Courts in Archenfield

We also specialise in painting tennis courts. If you would like a quote for repainting, please fill in our contact form now.

Tennis Court Resurfacing in Archenfield

With 20 years of experience, Porous Asphalt has the knowledge and expertise to be able to advise you on the resurfacing of your tennis court or sports facility. We offer a first-class service at a very competitive price.

Tennis is a sport where the surface choice can make or break your game.  Whilst some play better on clay, others prefer grass – and if you operate an outdoor facility, you are going to need to think about tennis court resurfacing in Archenfield HR3 5 which appeals to as many different players as possible. 

Resurface your tennis court

Tennis courts require a certain level of care and maintenance, as do other sports courts and playgrounds. As local experts and providers of durable asphalt, tarmac, polymeric surfacing and more besides, we are in the perfect position to be able to support local businesses and private customers alike.

The best sports courts offer synthetic or durable surfacing systems which allow you to continue playing with precision and speed and to get that all-important bounce in from serving to return.  Tennis courts perhaps see more concentrated action from a game to game than other specialist sports surfaces as it is a relatively small area which means longevity and hard-wearing material is absolutely key.

Resurfacing Tennis Courts

Maintaining a competitive approach to resurfacing tennis courts in our region and the surrounding area, our team aim to help our customers and clients find the most practical and affordable surfacing solution on a case by case basis. 

"I will always use this company for resurfacing and upkeep now. All my maintenance requirements were met and I am overjoyed with the result!"

We begin with a free consultation to analyse your exact needs, and so that we can offer you a reliable quote which you can depend upon from start to finish.

We don’t believe in introducing extras or nasty surprises midway through our projects – what you see is always what you will get. 

Resurfacing may need to occur on a regular basis if you are not taking regular care to maintain your areas.  It is worthwhile consulting with a nearby expert to look for a solution which will last the years to come and which offers no risk of slowdown or ‘anti-bounce’ to players of the game.

From beginners to professionals, a great game of tennis all starts with the perfect court.  Choose court surfacing which looks great, is risk-free, and which provides cost-effective play for years at a time.

Sports Court Resurface

Sports courts, like netball facilities, can lose their edge as years go by thanks to constant use.  While sports court resurfacing strategies may have changed more than a little over the years, it is still important to care for even the oldest installations. 

In many cases, it may be time to resurface altogether.  If this is the case for you, we will be happy to take a closer look at your existing setup and to help you find the most practical and feasible court resurfacing options available to you and your budget. 

Resurfacing with synthetic material or bounce-friendly, resistant tarmac is entirely your choice. We take into account the size of your existing space as well as your regular players and your budget.  Don’t let your regulars lose that all-important bounce!

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Tennis Court Resurfacing Companies

There are many tennis court resurfacing companies based in the UK, and we are a local alternative for people in our surrounding area.  Make sure to bear in mind a few things when looking at different companies:

  • How long have they been in the industry for? What experience do they have?
  • What areas of the UK do they cover?
  • Do they use premium materials?
  • Can they offer other services as well as resurfacing?

We support many different sports court resurfacing needs and we understand that tennis courts and surfaces are some of the most sought-after.  Getting the right look, the right space and the right bounce is absolutely essential.  We also ensure to supply surfacing which can be altered and crafted to bespoke needs and wishes, as well as that which is resistant against water build-up and flooding alike. 

Porous tennis court resurfacing in Archenfield will protect the quality of your court and will remove all risk of accident and injury from occurring due to slippage.  We work hard to offer multiple options at competitive rates, keeping a close eye on other companies in our region to ensure that we are providing the best possible value to our customers.

Anti-Slip Colour Coating

An asset to modern resurfacing is anti-slip colour coating.  This will help to ensure that your players can continue to move around and play with speed and precision without fear of slipping and injuring themselves. 

We can provide anti-slip measures as standard, from synthetic options to asphalt and tarmac alike.  All you need to do is let us know exactly what you’re looking for, and we will work with you to design and implement that perfect surfacing your customers have been crying out for.

Interested to know the process?

  1. Firstly, the court is cleared off all dirt and debris with a thorough jet wash clean using specialist products
  2. Next, a moss and algae treatment is applied to help prevent contamination
  3. After that, we will repair any minor cracks in the surface - a new layer of tarmac can be installed if you are having the area resurfaced
  4. As an option, we can then offer a polyurethane binder coat to help strengthen the existing surface 
  5. Then, we apply the anti-slip paint in your colour choices
  6. Finally, tennis line markings are installed

The anti-slip coating is recommended not only in circumstances where you may be setting up a court for the first time but also in cases where you need to overhaul or upgrade your surfacing completely.  For surfacing and resurfacing, let us be your closest expert allies.

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Tarmac Tennis Court Cost

It is, of course, important to look into tarmac tennis court cost before going ahead and arranging for resurfacing.  This is why we make sure to offer a full consultation and quotation before we get started. 

It’s our aim to make sure you are completely happy with the pricing we offer for resurfacing, and that you are happy to proceed.

We only ever charge for materials and labour used and based upon factors such as the size of your court and any enhancements you may wish to be included.  Email or call us to learn more!

Asphalt Sports Surfaces in Archenfield

Asphalt sports surfaces, including tennis courts, are highly sought-after for their porous nature and for their ease of maintenance.  They’re also amazingly long-lasting – allow us to resurface your sports facility and you can expect many years of regular use without the need for maintenance.  Easy to clean and look after, asphalt surfaces are our speciality. 

From playgrounds to sports clubs in our local area and beyond, we have helped thousands of people in need of top quality tarmac.

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